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State of the art software development for over 3 decades.


Developing since 1990

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I am developing professional software since 1990 in various fields from Sales, Production Automation, Internet Services, Map Services, Storage Infrastructure, Software Security Services and more.

I am a particularly versatile developer, leader and team player with a proven specialty in large scale system design and developing applications and services with a focus on serving user needs. I have extensive experience in managing and growing people, as well as working with a wide variety of functions and with teams across the world (Software Engineers, SREs, Product Managers, Program Managers, Data Specialists, UI/UX Designers/Researchers, Legal, Customers, Users, …).

I have developed a BIOS, an operating system, several communication systems, run-time environments, databases, and a web server that have been used in (literal) production and chemical industry. Some of these systems have been running for 10+ years straight without issues. I have worked in automotive research, for the bio/chemical industry, an advertising agency, and devised and implemented a virtual stock trading platform. I am a well-known open source contributor, language developer, and speaker at international conferences. I contributed to and led many aspects of a diverse set of Google-scale projects. Most of my work at Google entailed writing high efficient, multi-threaded, distributed C++ code. At Snyk I am working on many aspects of its core Software Analysis Engine. There I drive its abilities and ensure the processing is as efficient and as fast as possible while ensuring that the team can get things done.