Author: helly25

VSCode + IWYU: 0.0.10

The latest version of the extension now has support for include guards. Once configured, the extension will look for the required #ifndef, #define and #undef lines. By default the extension will search for include guards in the files matching “[.](h|hh|hpp|hxx)$” but only if the setting iwyu.diagnostics.include_guard is non empty. For instance setting this to “${FILE}_” […]

VSCode + IWYU: 0.0.7

In the latest update the extension now allows to run IWYU on all project files using command “Include What You Use (all targets)“. This is a slow operation as it goes over all files in the compile-commands.json file one after the other. It only triggers on source files whose first directory (or the file itself […]

A new Mac is necessary

So, Apple did surprise us after all today with their WWDC23 keynote. And with that in mind, I immediately went to finally replace my Intel based Mac Mini with a full blown Mac Studio. Here are the details: M2 Ultra mit 24‑Core CPU, 76‑Core GPU und 32‑Core Neural Engine. 192 GB RAM (bah, I wanted […]

VSCode + IWYU: 0.0.5

With the latest update the extension now works on header files out of the box. More details on the project page. From the changelog: ## [0.0.4] – Speed up diagnostics by limiting how often iwyu is run and apply heuristics to early skip source scanning. – Add new config settings: – `iwyu.diagnostics.iwyu_interval`: Minimum interval time […]