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With the latest update the extension now works on header files out of the box. More details on the project page.

From the changelog:

## [0.0.4]

– Speed up diagnostics by limiting how often iwyu is run and apply heuristics to early skip source scanning.

– Add new config settings:

– `iwyu.diagnostics.iwyu_interval`: Minimum interval time in seconds between iwyu calls.

– `iwyu.diagnostics.only_re`: Only compute diagnostics for files that match this regexp.

– `iwyu.diagnostics.scan_min`: Scan at least this many lines, if no include is found, then stop.

– `iwyu.diagnostics.scan_more`: After finding an include, scan at least this many more lines.

# [0.0.5]

– Per file IWYU data handling.

– Improved header processing:

– Rename `` to `iwyu.fix.safe_headers` to match the actual argument name.

– Change `iwyu.fix.safe_headers` to default to false, so that the tool works for headers by default.

– Provide `–basedir` to `` invocation to explicitly apply fixes only to the selected file.

– Change `iwyu.fix.comments` to default to false.

– Add `iwyu.fix.dry_run` config for additional debugging.

– Add `iwyu.fix.update_comments` to go along with `iwyu.fix.comments`.